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Increasing your grip size - Tennis Warehouse

Most tennis racquets are available in grip sizes bewteen 4 1/8" and 4 5/8" in circumference. European grip sizing is different than the US and is the source of some confusion. European grip sizing is different than the US and is the source of some confusion.

How To Increase Grip Size | Tennis Express

Increasing One Size (1/8”) The most effective way to bring your grip up one full size is using a heat shrink wrap. You will need pliers to remove a staple from the current grip, a heat gun the to shrink the wrap and either a new grip or you can use your old one if in good condition. Remove the current base grip carefully if this is down properly you will be able to reuse this later.

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How to increase grip size - Tennis Warehouse

So, increasing your grip by 1 size would equal 1/8 inch, whether using the US or European sizing system. This is the most common increment of handle build-up, although many players find increasing by only 1/2 size, or 1/16 inch necessary. This is our starting point for building up your grip.

Increasing Your Tennis Racquet Grip Size | TennisRacquets.com

They are pretty thin, so generally you can increase your grip size only a little - around 1/16” (or 1/2 a grip size). You should determine in advance whether you need a one size or a half size increase. A half size change could be enough to significantly affect your tennis.

Improve your Tennis: How to increase or decrease your grip size

Learn more: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/LC/increasegrip.html?from=YT Tennis Warehouse: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com// Tennis Warehouse Europe: http:...

DIY - Enlarge the racket grip size - YouTube

In this video I talk about one of the options for enlarging the grip size. We take a look at how to use the heat shrink sleeve.For more information on racket...

Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes | How-To Guide With Chart & Visuals

A tennis racquet’s grip size measures the circumference or distance around the handle, ...

How to measure your tennis grip size

A typical overgrip will increase a grip by 1/16 inch. You can also increase grip size ...